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Gender Differences In Mainstream Media

Jamie Stroud

Notes: A complete collection of example clips from the medias I documented can be downloaded here: Gender Differences In Mainstream Media Research Files.

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I spent 1 year documenting gender differences I found in mainstream media. I used,, and to assist in finding examples of gender differences. I didn't limit myself to any time period, and it's unrealistic to consume all mainstream media from the beginning of television until now all by myself. This research has limitations precisely because of that. Not only would you need to be confident that I didn't succumb to confirmation bias, you'd also need to be confident that whoever else I got information from didn't succumb to confirmation bias. Nonetheless, hopefully my research provides some insight and considerations. Another research plan that could supplement this research is to study similar variables but limit oneself to a specific year. It'd be plausible to consume all mainstream movies, for example, within 1 year's time, and this could reduce confirmation bias.

Fairly strict guide lines were placed on most of the categories. This was to ensure better comparability and validity of results, as well as due to time limitations. The following guide lines apply to all categories.


Mismatched Attractiveness

Gender Ratio

male percent and animal percent in children's dreams





Token Resistance


Physiological Sexual Functioning

women's health magazine sexuality men's health magazine sexuality

Sexual Objectification

Implications To Porn

In Closing

mainstream media and society feedback loop


Regular Time Octal Time
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