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Jamie Stroud

I lived on a farm when I was a little girl so I was around animals my whole life. I noticed at a young age how boy and girl horses had different private parts. I also noticed how the private parts of a boy horse would sometimes grow big and hard. This observation really intrigued me, so when I was about 12 years old, I tried touching a male horse's penis. I just slowly moved its foreskin back and forth and its penis gradually grew bigger and bigger. I found it so fascinating, I kept stroking and eventually the horse ejaculated which it seemed to enjoy quite a lot. There was something about it that I really liked. I guess that I could give the horse so much pleasure gave me pleasure as well. So throughout the years, I would often give the male horses hands jobs. Once I grew up, I moved away from the farm and I got a house in the city. I was always too scared to be penetrated by a horse, but now I had a pet dog which is something I never had on the farm. It's a wiener dog and, wow, what a wiener it has! Sometimes it'll put its wiener in my ass and sometimes in my pussy, and no, I don't have a pet donkey nor a pet cat. I trained my pet dog to mount me and I let him stick it wherever he wants! There's something about an animal that's just so satisfying. Maybe because there are no boundaries or pressures. With animals, there's no social significance, it's purely sex for sex's sake. Sex by itself is fun, do you always need more reason than that!?

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