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Weird Girl On The Bus

Jamie Stroud

So I was riding a nearly full bus when this girl sat next to me. It was the only seat available. After a few stops, another seat opened up and she moved. I realize that some people like to be by themselves on the bus, so if there's an empty row, they'll move to that row to be on their own, but that wasn't the case. She was leaving her seat next to me, only to sit to some other random guy, so what was the point?!? I looked at them, and they didn't greet or even look at each other, so I knew they weren't friends. I drew a picture so you can clearly understand what I'm talking about here.

weird girl on the bus

I thought something about me must've made her uncomfortable. I ate recently so the first thing I thought was maybe there was some food left on my face. I felt my mouth, but it was clean. Hmmm, what else could it be? I then worried that maybe there was a booger hanging from my nose that grossed her out, so I ran my fist under my nostrils, but no, that was clean too.

Hmmm, did I just smell bad? The thing is, I don't have a strong sense of smell, so I can't just sniff and trust that I'm okay, I have to physically check. Might there be poopies hanging out of me bum? So I reached my hand in the back of my undies and felt around my butt crack. I then immediately wondered if I had a boner and it made her feel threatened. So I reached my other hand around the front of my undies to check my wiener. So there I was with my finger up my butt and my hand around my cock, and now that I was quite certain there was nothing wrong with me, I just stared her down... thinking to myself, "Geez, what the fuck is it with this girl?"

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