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Tie Guy

Jamie Stroud

I thought I'd try on my new tie.

Hurry up and masturbate to me I'm so horny!

Hehe, sorry, I mustn't let my hyperactive sex drive hasten my emotions like that.

Wearing a tie is a form of etiquette in many places.

I want you to take sexual advantage of me!

Ugh, it seems there's no point in even trying to hold back.

Embarrass me and humiliate me in front of all the people you can!

Force me to be your sex slave and use me solely for your own sadistic sexual gratification!

Rape the crud out of me and then crud all over my rape scrapings!

Dress me up as a 5 year old little girl and treat me as a worthless piece of flesh who's only purpose is to provide sexual pleasures!

Call over all your friends and take turns gang banging me!

Share romantic passions with me and treat me with mutual respect and dignity.

Tell me that you love me and that I'm your only one always and forever...

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