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Third Peg

Jamie Stroud

He wailed the words out of his mouth, "Argh, me matey!" Coincidentally at the same time that he wailed ejaculate out of his penis. He had a hefty orgasm, but his schlong was throbbing for more! His girlfriend had finished swabbing the poop deck, now she was ready to swab her boyfriend's third peg clean! She tackled her boyfriend to the floor and aggressively sucked the head of his penis until the glans ached. "Who's your captain!? Who's your captain!?" He yelled. The idea of having control and superiority over another person really turned him on. "You're my sexy, masculine captain!" She screamed. After she spent a while sucking his dong on the poop deck, he pulled it out and stuck it in HER poop deck. She played with her breasts with 1 hand and fiddled with her clitoris with the other as he completely dismantled her from behind. She reached orgasm as she played with herself, and her boyfriend's was cumming soon. He pulled out his poopy peepee and she was already on her knees, ready to be dominated by his manhood! He ejaculated all over her face, then he licked it clean off of her, and then he gave her a kiss.

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