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The Tooth Paste Story

Jamie Stroud

This is me getting ready to brush my teeth.

This is me with the tooth paste already gurgled in my mouth.

This is me finally actually brushing my teeth.

Yep, I sure do like brushing my teeth... as a good boy should!

And instead of just seeing me brush my teeth, you can see me film my self brush my teeth!

Here is a slightly different angle I thought you just might be interested in.

If tooth paste can clean your teeth... then I had a genius idea! I'll use it to clean my face!

I'm applying the tooth paste all over my face.

Acne cremes are no longer necessary. I keep my face clean with tooth paste!

Yay! Look at me go!

All right, I'm getting out of control now.

All right... captions are no longer necessary. I mean, there's just no stopping me once I get like this!

And this is utter tooth paste ecstasy!

But then of course you always get the side effect of post partum tooth paste ecstasy anger!

Fortunately you always get post partum tooth paste ecstasy anger ecstasy right after that and then every thing is all better again!

The end!

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