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The Swartz Pose Compendium

You know how it feels when everyone's talking about the latest movie, but you haven't seen it? What about when everyone's talking about the newest celebrity gossip that you haven't heard about? You know how it feels to be oblivious and left out, right? Well, I never did... until recently that is. I've always been out of the social loop and never cared to be a part of it, but one day a revolutionary new trend had been set, and I had arrived late to its presence. I didn't arrive fashionably late either, I was so late that I thank sex to have gotten to experience this phenomenon at all, let alone be able to help perpetuate this movement.

At first, I didn't understand the Swartz Pose. Now, I realize it's just so deep that it went right through me. I have posted material of me sticking my wiener inside my bumhole, having sex with my belly button, blasting urine in my own mouth and drinking it, and getting involved in all sorts of other extreme behavior. What did the Swartz Pose have to offer that I hadn't already exposed!? To look at it in terms of breaking boundaries or being obscene is to see it from the wrong angle. The Swartz Pose is not about being extreme, it's not about being rebellious, the beauty of it lies in the core of us all. Whatever lies at the core of your being, the Swartz Pose is there to resemble all the good while being the antithesis of all the evil. All it takes is one look with an open mind, and your life can be changed forever. While some religious extremists might pass off the Swartz Pose as inappropriate or even "sinful", the loss is on them. Besides, God bears us naked, and it'd be blasphemous to call our bodies sinful.

This is the pose that started it all.

Now look at the impact that it's had!

Perfection has a pose... the Swartz Pose!

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