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The Jujimufu Compendium

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Notes: Jujimufu is another name the owner of goes by. The Jujimufu Compendium is basically a collection of pictures that represent him in different scenarios. I'd also like to note that many of these pictures may not receive proper credits. I only focus on crediting the person who created the end product of the picture regardless of what other sources may be involved.

The Gorno Series (Jaron Stroud)

The Toilet Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Autopsy Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Narcissistic Rage Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Meat Grinder Series (Alex)

The Merman Series (Alex)

The BDSM Series (RaRe)

The Carnivore Series (RaRe)

The Marine Animal Series (RaRe)

The Marsupial Series (RaRe)

The Automobile Series (RaRe)

The Primate Series (RaRe)

The PSP Series (RaRe)

The Spot The Juji Series (RaRe)

The Spot The Juji Answers Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Transsexual Series (RaRe)

The Doom Series (RaRe)

The Lazy Town Series (Recon001, Picture 1. ChukiDori, Picture 2.)

The Willy Wonka Series (alpha7158)

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