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The Jamesters Compendium

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Notes: Jamesters is another name I went by. The Jamesters Compendium is basically a collection of pictures that represent me in different scenarios. I'd also like to note that many of these pictures may not receive proper credits. I only focus on crediting the person who created the end product of the picture regardless of what other sources may be involved.

The Dawn Murphy Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Jibsnessa Tyler Series (IronSkeleton)

The Slogan Series (Jaron Stroud, Pictures 1, 3, 4, and 5. AndyLeAwesomefull, Picture 2.)

The Drawing Series (Jaron Stroud, Picture 1. Tygur, Picture 2.)

The Wakka2pp Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Yong-Sung Leal Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Carmen Electra Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Aquaman Series (Tygur)

The Ronald Mcdonald Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Barney Series (AndyLeAwesomefull)

The Gonabs Series (AndyLeAwesomefull)

The Homosexual Series (Jamie Stroud, Picture 1. SuperChimp, Picture 2. Frank Wilson, Picture 3.)

The Jesus Christ Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Sun Myung Moon Series (Jamie Stroud)

The Bill Gates Series (Gazapo)

The Stoffel Shots Series (SuperChimp)

The Superman Series (Rob Walrond)

The Setsuki Series (Jamie Stroud)

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