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Taste It, Don't Waste It

Jamie Stroud

"I'm your biggest fan!" I heard someone yell, though the location of the voice was mysterious, for it was blended amongst a noisy crowd. I glanced around the club, curious to see the fanboi. "Over here!" He signaled, a heavy-set black man wearing clothes way too tight for a body of his kind. I hopped off my podium and waddled my way over, accentuating my ass as I walked, hoping it'd get me some tippers. Now I didn't know who this guy was and I didn't care that he was a fan, but as long as he had some money then I was happy. "What's up!?" I asked as I did some pelvic thrusts, scanning my eyes across the crowd. He slowly teased a 20 dollar bill down my abs and into my undies as he told me how much he loved my porn scenes on Randy Blue. I feigned flattery, my eyes were now focused on a music video playing on the big screen. "Damn, those girls are hot." I thought to myself. Suddenly the crowd was gone and I was alone in my mind, fantasizing about getting gang-banged by the hot chicks in the music video.

"You're ignoring me, aren't you?" The fanboi correctly guessed. I don't know how long he might've been talking to me, but I realized the crowd wasn't gone and I was no longer alone with the hot chicks of my fantasies. "Sorry, I just zoned out right now." I laughed nervously. "So, I think you and I should fuck." He bluntly stated. I was baffled by his frankness and confidence. In defense, I told him just as bluntly, "I'm not interested." That's when shit got real. He explained to me how he wasn't just a fan of my porn videos, but he was a fan of my Youtube videos as well. "You think you're a real smart little fucker, don't you Chip!? Well, if you're so smart, have you ever stopped to consider how selfish you are!?" He exclaimed. I was dumbfounded. I took a moment to gather my thoughts, then I simply asked, "What do you mean?" His demeanor seemed to gradually turn to a calm, then he asked me in a wiseman-manner, "If you cook too much dinner for the night, do you let the extra go to waste or do you put it in the fridge and save it for later?" "Well," I started, "I save it for later." He gave me a ferociously horny looking grin then stated, "Well, I'm hungry and I want to have me a chocolate Chip cookie, if you know what I mean, but you're letting YOURSELF go to waste." I was dumbfounded yet again, so I wanted reiteration, "What do you mean I'm letting myself go to waste?" I asked. He smirked, then explained, "You're getting paid to dance, that means you're going to be at this club until closing. Will the owners care if you take a 10 minute break? No. So why not take a few minutes away from dancing to make someone happy? Lots of people want to "eat" you Chip, you shouldn't let yourself go to waste." I stood there stunned. "Wow, I never thought of it that way. I guess I always thought so much about my own sexual desires, I've been so selfish to not consider the sexual desires of others." I flatly admitted.

"So, we gonna do this nasty ass cock-to-cock shit or what?" He asked. "Well, I would," I began, "But, unfortunately, I'm straight. The only reason I can perform so well in my porn scenes is because I have a lot of time to prepare beforehand. I don't think I could do so well in a real-life situation like this." I explained. "I can change that." He said. "You can change what?" I asked, confused. "You said you're straight, I can change that." He extrapolated. "Like shit you can!" I shouted. "But I can." He maintained. "Don't fuck with me man, don't tease me like that!" I cried. I was hysterical at the possibility of changing my sexual orientation. Part of me wanted it to be true, but part of me didn't believe it could be true. "Here," He said as he stretched out his hand, "Let me show you." I took hold of his hand and we pranced off into the bathroom. He pulled down my spanky shorts and forced his mouth around my dick and all the way down to my pelvic bone. He then reached his hands around my muscled ass and clamped me in tightly. My dick quickly grew hard inside him. It seemed he was right, I couldn't believe it. I guess I just never happened across a man that knew how to fuck me right, but I was enjoying this.

He started spanking my ass as he sucked me viciously. Suddenly, his mouth drew away from my dick and he roughly pushed me to the floor. I whimpered at his brash act of sexual aggression, but my cock throbbed hard. As I layed on my back, he grabbed me by the ankles and raised my slutty butthole in the air. "Please, don't!" I begged. "Fuck up bitch!" He scolded. He then slammed his fat dick, without lube, hard inside my asshole. He slapped my face around as he thrusted inside me like a maniac. I stroked my rock hard dick as I took his abuse. As he neared orgasm, he took me by the hips and thrusted my hole fast against his fuckstick. He let out the roar of an animal as he came, then he punched me across the face. With my body drained from sexual abuse and my hole filled with carnal lust, I had never been more turned on in my life. I jacked off and came all over myself as he put on his clothes. I washed up then got dressed myself. "So I have some friends that need a sexual outlet too. You working tomorrow?" He asked. "Ya." I replied, all emotional resonance washed away. "You gonna let us rape you, right?" He asked, as if already knowing the answer. "If that's what it takes to make the world a better place." I replied, my emotions still absent, unsure if they'll ever return.

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