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sWEeT Dreams

Jamie Stroud

My friend felt like going to sleep so I offered to tell him a soothing and erotic story to help him sleep peacefully and arousingly. He happily accepted. I began to speak to him as he dosed off. "She showed up totally naked, walking slowly towards you, eyeing your sexy body the whole time. She wanted you so strongly, and you obviously wanted her too, for your penis was growing bigger... and bigger... and bigger. Then she went right in front you... and she started slapping you across the face with her breasts! One by one, her boobs systematically broke you down, leaving you on your knees begging for her forgiveness. You knew you had failed to fulfill all of her sexual desires. For she had a big sex drive, and you have to feed that sexual appetite of hers until she was stuffed (pun intended)! Before you could try to make it up to her... it was too late... you had gotten knocked out, she cracked you over the head with a bat. What she wanted from you, you could not give to her... she had to take it from you... she wanted to take your virginity from you!

As soon as you awoke, you were tied to a bed, too tightly to escape. She had tied rubber bands around your wiener, forcing you to get an erection while you were knocked out. She was already on top of you, riding your penis, unaware that you had awoken. It was quite a surprise to you, but it was extremely pleasurable to you as well. At this point, she noticed that you were conscious so she screamed, "You like this don't you!?" Before you could answer, she stuffed her breasts in your mouth, forcing you to suck on them. She continued thrusting in this laid out position as you took turns licking each of her nipples individually. She then sat back up and screamed, "Call me your mistress!" To which you replied, "You're my mistress!" She reached orgasm only moments after you said that. "Now it's your turn." She ordered. "I'm too much in shock, I just can't right now." You replied. "I think I can prove you wrong." She said confidently. She then clenched her vaginal muscles tightly against your penis and she started thrusting even faster. She stroked both of your nipples with each of her hands while deep kissing you and sucking on your tongue. Your erotic organs went on overload and you quickly reached orgasm just as she ordered." ...That was the best sleep my friend ever had.

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