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Sperm Bank

Jamie Stroud

I went to the sperm bank today. I wasn't so interested in helping people become pregnant as I was in getting paid to get off. The assistant was cute. She had to ask me a bunch of question first, about my physical traits mostly, such as height, weight, hair color, etcetera. The questionnaire was frustrating to me. They document so many aspects of one's physical appearance, because whoever wants my sperm probably likes the physical qualities listed about me, and hopes that her child might get some of those qualities. However, they don't ask about penis size. Is that not an important quality? What if you have a son that turns out to be very handsome and a stud athlete, but has a small penis?!?

Moving on, she took me to a room, gave me a cup, then pointed me to magazines of varying sexuality. Some had nudity, some didn't, some had women, some had men. I told her I'm not allowed to look at magazines like that. She laughed at my remark with a bit of a confused look on her face. "What am I supposed to do with the cup?" I questioned. She stuttered a bit then said, "Well... you're supposed to fill it up." "You mean I'm supposed to urinate in this?" I asked in reply. She laughed again. "No, you need to ejaculate in there." "How do I do that?" I probed, purposefully ignorant. "You have to masturbate." She replied as she squinted seductively at me. "Oh no, that's against my religion." I exclaimed. "Then why did you come here if you can't masturbate?" She asked teasingly. Ignoring her question, I demanded excitedly, "You have to help me!" She simply smiled and stared. I went on, "I don't know how to masturbate, you have to help me with this!" Then I grabbed her by the hand and took her into the room with me. I already had an erection so I pulled down my pants and questioned, "Okay, what do I do?" Then she said, "First you grab it like this..." As she wrapped her hand around my penis, "Then you stroke it back and forth like this," and she did just as she said. "Does that feel good?" She asked. "That feels awesome!" I replied. "Faster!" I said. "Are you going to cum for me?" She asked. "Ya." I moaned. "I want your semen!" She demanded. Her breathing grew heavy with mine. "You have to ejaculate for me! You just have to!" She screamed. "Okay, I'm going to cum!" I yelled, panted, then yelled once more, "I'm going to cum!" She then placed the cup right over my urethra and collected all the ejaculate right as it came out. "Same time next week?" She asked. "Only if you can help me again!" I replied.

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