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Sex Drive Adventure

Table of contents


Installation is very basic and simple. I will give explicit instructions on how to install and begin playing this game.

Once you have downloaded this game go to where you downloaded it and locate the downloaded file which is titled "sex-drive-adventure.exe" (unless you changed its name). Double click this file to play. The save file will automatically save in whatever folder the main file, "sex-drive-adventure.exe", is located in. The save file is titled "sex-drive-adventure" (unless you changed its name).



It's about a character named Kaygin who goes on an adventure to fulfill his sexual desires.

How To Play

Each section of the game will display numbers at the bottom. You simply press the Number Key of the corresponding action that you'd like to be done.


I'm going to give the routes that would allow you to see every possible scene in each chapter, and then I'll give the fastest routes.


Regular Time Octal Time
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