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Private Lesson

Jamie Stroud

There's this adorable little girl that always flirts with me in class. She'll stare at me or hug me or whatever. One day when we were stretching, she started playing footsies with me. We were both doing the straddles and her foot was rubbing against mine. I got so turned on by that! I asked her, "Nicole, are you flirting with me?" She replied with a question of her own, "Do you like it Eric?" "I'm flattered," I chuckled, "I'm flattered that you'd take interest in someone as boarish as I." Eventually my dream came true, her dad asked if I'd do private lessons with her. Either he didn't realize that she had a huge crush on me, or he just wasn't concerned about that as long as she was having fun and learning her skills. When our first private lesson came about, he just dropped her off. It was basically just me and her in the gym. However, there were girls working the office so I still had to be careful about how I interacted with her.

We started off with some stretching. When we got to the splits, I'd grab low on her hips so I could feel her toned glutes as I pressed her lower down. "Ouchy." She'd say. "You want to be the best gymnast in the world don't you?" I'd joke to her, "I'm helping you get there." I was so hard by now, but I was wearing some specialty BDSM underwear for this occasion to restrict it so it wouldn't be noticeable. Working with her one on one was simply bliss, and even better that I was getting paid for it.

I took her to the wall at the end of the gym for some hand stand training, as well as a bit of privacy. When she was in the middle of a hand stand she started laughing for no apparent reason, it was adorable. When she came down I asked her why she was laughing, but she just stared at me and kept at it. Then I said to her, "Nicole, you are sooooooo hot, did you know that?" Haha! I thought the idea of calling a 7 year old hot was pretty funny, but then I was sort of worried that she might tell someone I said that. Anyway, her reply was, "Does that mean you want to kiss me?" I peered over at the office and they were both using and/or abusing the computer so I asked Nicole, "If we kissed, could you promise to keep it a secret?" She nodded her head. So I put my hands on her shoulders, then I leaned in and met her lips, my tongue swirled her mouth just for a second, then I leaned back out and asked her, "Can you promise not to tell anyone that I called you hot either?" She nodded her head, her face vibing a pure look of thrill. Apparently she couldn't keep her promise though. Which one she told, or maybe both, I don't know. All I know is that I got a call that night and heard a familiar voice yelling at me, "YOU'RE SICK, ERIC! YOU'RE SO FUCKING SICK!" I didn't just hear those words, I felt them. And I went numb.

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