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Jamie Stroud

"How are you?" He asked her. "Good" was the oh so predictable response he got from Mrs. Ditzy. "If you're feeling good, then what are you doing here at a doctor's office?" Dr. Von Money wittingly asked. At least he'd like to call it witty, but he's said that line so many times that it feels cliche now. "Well, it's not actually me that has the problem," she began, "it's my daughter Lola." He looked down and saw a perfect looking, as well as perfectly healthy looking, little girl. "So what's the problem?" He asked. He'd soon find out it really was the mom who had the problem, despite her claim to the contrary. "Ummm, this might sound pretty unbelievable, but, well, I think she's been... masturbating... she's only 6 years old so I know this must be a rarity and I don't know what would cause her to do this... and I really don't know what's wrong with her or what I should do about it." Von Money had heard this shit too many times. He gritted his teeth and tried his best not to show his discomfort. He glanced at the daughter, then at the mom, then back at the daughter, then he finally looked at the mom once more, smiled, then said he'd like to see Lola next week for an examination.

Von Money had been researching this topic for several years now, what makes us horny that is. We all develop differently, some are horny from a young age, some don't become horny until much later in life, some are constantly and powerfully horny, some are only rarely and subtly horny. He wanted to understand what accounts for such differences. At the same time, Von Money had also been developing a vaccine for AIDS. He had succeeded in both of his areas of interest. His vaccine for AIDS had been undergoing testing for years and was nearing readiness for nation wide distribution and use. Now, he just needed to test his aphrodisiac shot.

When Mrs. Ditzy came back with Lola, Von Money was ready to talk morality with her. "Don't you think child sexual abuse is just the most horrible thing in the world?" He asked her with exaggerated compassion. "Of course!" She replied with just as much compassion, except that hers was actually genuine. "And it's such a tragedy when children masturbate at a young age because they're essentially sexually traumatizing their own self!" He added. "That's what I'm worried about!" The mother sighed. "And it's unfortunately not as rare as you might think. Lots of children masturbate, it's becoming quite an epidemic, I'm really worried about our future generation being comprised of so many traumatized souls." He extrapolated. "That's horrible to even think about." She admitted. "The good news is, I have a cure!" He enunciated ecstatically. "You do!?" She asked in surprise. "Yes, all it takes is a harmless shot and your child's precocious sexuality can be delayed until puberty." He explained. "Of course I have to ask if it's safe." She commented. "I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't!" He assured, then continued, "But I'd like to see your daughter in private for psychological testing just to make sure nothing else might be the cause of her sexual behavior." Mrs. Ditzy looked at him, optimism gleamed in her eyes, then she naively handed her daughter over to a pedosexual.

"Okay sweetie, you ready?" He asked her. "Ya." She replied. Von Money then injected her with his hypersexuality concoction. A concoction that could precociously and permanently hyperactivate the sex drive, unless otherwise counteracted. To be confident he got a sure response that this treatment worked, he kneeled down on the floor in a position of lordosis. "No, don't rape me!" He yelled. She just looked at him strange, so he tried again, "Please, I beg of you, please don't rape me!" He screamed. There was still no response, he was getting worried now. He started wiggling his glutes to and fro to try to seduce her, "Pleeeeaaase! I'll do anything you want, just please don't make me do something sexually I don't want to do!" That's when it happened. She mounted on top of him and began thrusting her hips against his glutes. This is the response he expected. It's common amongst female hamsters, especially if a female hamster is going after an uninterested male, they'll sexually aggress the male in what's typically considered a male behavior pattern. What happened next, however, he hadn't predicted. She flipped him over supine, pulled down his pants as well as her own, then started grinding his adult cock with her precious prepubescent pussy.

little girl precocious sexuality

She quickly came, but she still wanted more! She crawled over to his face, sat on it, then kept on grinding. Shortly after, she turned 180, reached her short arms across, and began playing with his dick as he sucked her dry. She had orgasm after orgasm and it seemed as if she never wanted to stop. Neither did Von Money, but he knew her mom would become suspicious if the testing was taking too long. He told her he needed to give her one last shot to complete the procedure. He stood up with her relentless body wrapped against his and walked over to the drawer. He grabbed a syringe filled with leuprolide acetate and stuck it in her. That's the same medication often used on registered sex offenders. Gradually, her thrusts declined, and she apologized for her behavior. The medication would decrease her sex drive to a manageable level for a few weeks, and in the mean time Von Money just told her to commence her masturbatory activities in private so her mom doesn't flip out. He also told her not to tell her mom what happened between the 2 of them otherwise she'd get in big trouble.

With the success of this sex drive increasing elixir, Von Money wanted to take it to a larger scale. Since his AIDS vaccine would be distributed soon, Von Money would simply mass produce his hypersexuality formula under the guise of the AIDS vaccine. It would then be injected into thousands of children before anyone realized what was happening. Von Money scheduled the cloaked medicine to release in his home town first.

Over the course of an impatient few days, Von Money was starting to hear more stories of child-on-adult rape than he could keep track of. He soon found an angry mob of pitchforkers and pyromaniacs, so to speak, outside his home. There were hundreds of them, along with news reporters from every channel he knew and many he didn't. "What's wrong with our children?" Everyone screamed as soon as he stepped outside. "Don't you mean to ask, 'what's right with our children'?" He responded. "Are you suggesting you meant for this to happen?" A reporter asked. "Yes." He simply replied. Rather than receiving a cornucopia of additional questions from that point, everyone just went silent. "But why!?" A random woman eventually muttered, as tears blended of confusion and sadness appeared at the corner of her eyes. "I was only trying to make the world a better place." Von Money answered, unaffected and apathetic towards her feelings. "How the fuck does making children horny make the world a better place?" Another random woman asked. "Because it will finally get society to start thinking. What is it that makes it harmful for an adult to have sex with a child? You might assume it's because children are asexual and so there's no way a child could want to have sex with an adult, and therefore it must be forceful. But look at all the cases of children masturbating. They're not being forced into that, right? So what's harmful about it? The answer is nothing. Or at least the answer should be nothing, but because you parents punish your children or make them feel sick and evil, they're harmed precisely because of how you treat them for it." Von Money answered. "No matter what rationalization you present to us, no one's ever going to accept this monstrosity you've caused." One man butted in, but Von Money continued, "Now, not only do you have to consider childhood masturbation, but adult-child sex as well. You say children can't consent to sex, but now it seems it's the adults that aren't consenting to it from the children. So what makes it harmful to children!? We can't ignore questions like these!" He extrapolated. "You're just rationalizing your pedosexuality, you sick fuck!" Another man quipped.

In the distance Von Money could see a crowd of children. They were heading towards this mob of adults, walking zombie-like. The children far outnumbered the adults, and they consumed them in the biggest mass gang rape the world has ever known. Von Money watched from his porch step as his dream finally came to fruition. He could hear death-tingling screams from scores of adults, ignored by the children in their self-gratifying craze. "Is this really what I wanted?" Von Money thought to himself, and he realized that there are no simple answers to the problems of the world. He struggled his numb body to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and slowly paced back outside. "...I just wanted to help." He mumbled, but his life-defining, conclusive remark was drowned amongst the screams. He then slit his throat. As the blood sprayed over his clothes and his breathe chased away from him, he looked at the crowd and felt sorry for the mess he made.

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