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Peepee Waddling

Jamie Stroud

Notes: This is a thread I made on the forum.

jamesters: How many peepee waddles can you do!?
That's right, I know it's a personal question, but I want to know how many times you can waddle your peepee.
I'm too ashamed to answer this question myself, but my hope is that as more and more brave individuals admit to their peepee waddling, the taboo will be broken and we can finally discuss this issue out in the open amongst each other!

Sara: what's peepee waddling?

jamesters: By trying to seem ignorant of peepee waddling, you make it appear as if you don't do it. Nice try Sara, but you're not fooling me! Everyone knows what peepee waddling is, they just don't want to admit to it!

Badams: Im up to 6 right now. I hope to be at 12 by the end of summer!

jamesters: Yay, someone's taken the first leap!

AndyLeAwesomefull: I can waddle my peepee all day long brah

jamesters: Today marks a glorious breakthrough for society!

Guru: why?

jamesters: Because we're finally talking about peepee waddling out in the open! No longer will sexuality be silenced!

Guru: well, Jamesters, how many "peepee waddles" can you do?

jamesters: Argh, I want to talk about it... but the pangs of society's disapproval still inhibit me from opening up... I need more time.

jaron: It's okay Jamie... we can talk about these things now. Just let go of your past and, along with it, your inhibitions.

jamesters: Okay, it's true. Not only do I peepee waddle, but I'm really good at it too... my record for peepee waddling is 69. That's right, I can peepee waddle 69 times! Argh, what's this sharp pain I'm feeling! It must be the shame and guilt stabbing me over with relentless conviction. What's wrong with me!? I must be such a sick, sexual monster. Dwelling in my sexual deviance, it's become my tomb that's seemingly inescapable. How can I ever feel better about my perverted peepee waddling!? Will I forever suffer the wrath of being sexually abnormal, or can the taboos one day be broken enough for the acceptance of societal attitudes to save me!? I might never know, but I now feel defenseless and vulnerable after having admitted to the secret and personal peepee waddling I indulge in.
...Is there any hope left for the sexually obscure in this world?

jaron: "Everything will be okay!" - Tails from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Kitosho: Jamie, no matter what rationalization you present to the Publicus to argue in your favor, society will never, ever approve of your bizarre and wholly reprehensible sexual tendencies.

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