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Title: What do boobs feel like
ilikegirls69: Hi im new to this forum but my name is Jack and im 14 and ive been wondering something. Maybe girls can tell me or guys with experience, but what do boobs feel like?!? I dont want to sound perverted but im just so curious!!! R they like squishy or firm feeling, do they hurt sometimes like i heard if a girls on her period or theyre squeezed too hard or whatever.

That was the epic thread Jack naively posted on a hip and fashionable forum geared for teenagers. Jack was a socially awkward fellow and hadn't predicted the potential comments that followed:
fanofslutspam: what a nerd
spamofslutfan: prob not just a nerd, prob an ugly nerd
Biebertotterteeter: ...u gay or something?
feministdouche: Why don't you just go pay for it if that's all you care about?! Hmph!

Upon reading so many negative comments and none of the actual information he sought, Jack lashed out:
ilikegirls69: U guys suck! I never said anything rude, y r all of u picking on me!!! Im not a nerd and im not ugly, i actually have a nice body. Im just not very social lol i have social anxiety, i feel more comfortable by myself usually.

His defensive prose accomplished nothing. More negative comments ensued and no answers were provided. Jack learned much about internet society from this experience and decided not to respond anymore to the thread, for he feared it'd only add fuel to the fire. A week went by with no enlightenment. Jack was hopeless, yet his curiosity grew and spurred ideas. He searched the archives of the forum for the answers he desired, and though he failed to find them, his search yielded an interesting result:
Title: What does a penis feel like
ilikeboys69: I feel like a loser posting this but im really curious!!! Im 14 and im not allowed to have a bf even though id really wanna have one but until then maybe if i get this curiosity out of the way ill feel a bit better. So ummm... I know of course it gets soft and hard, is it really squishy when its soft and does it actually get hard as a rock when its hard?!? And what about the balls lol?

This thread underwent trauma similar to that of Jack's, though probably not as severe:
fanofrapespam: dude, youre a girl, u know how easy it is to get a guy to let u touch his junk?!?!?
spamofrapefan: u trollin bro?
masculistdouche: ...gawd that's hawt.

Upon reading this thread, Jack felt an immediate connection to this girl and wanted to find out more about her. He looked at her profile and was awestruck to find she lived in the same city as him! He decided to send her a private message:
To: ilikeboys69
Hey, u live in the same city as me! Whats your name? I actually made a similar thread to what u made except about boobs lol. I can answer your thread if youll answer mine!!! :-)

Jack received a prompt and positive reply:
To: ilikegirls69
Your names Jack? I actually know someone named Jack, not personally though, but Im homeschooled so its not like I know a ton of people lol. My name's Jill. Oh, and your PM was a nice change from all the pedo stalkers and attempts at cybersex haha. Um, and ill tell you what boobs feel like but only if you tell me what your penis feels like first! :-D

Jack was awestruck yet again, for he was homeschooled, and he knew a Jill that was part of his same homeschool organization, Mandala. The organization provided teachers to drive to homes and inspect the work of students. They also held get-togethers so all students and teachers could meet once a month to discuss academics and to socialize. Could it be, could Jill be a part of this organization? However, Jack never went to the get-togethers, so how could she know him? "It must be a different Jack she knows." He thought. Pessimistic as he was, he asked nonetheless:
To: ilikeboys69
I'm homeschooled too!!! R you with Mandala? Thats the organization I do it through!

To: ilikegirls69
YES! No way, this is unreal! So youre the mystery man ive never met! Whenever we have the meetings, youre the only one thats ever missing when they take roll! Y dont u ever go!?! We should meet each other, go to the next meeting!!!

And so it happened, Jack took a step outside of his comfort zone and attended the next get-together. The scenery consisted of a few dozen students and teachers gathered around a table in the center of the room, with the oddball that is Jack in the corner. He sat with an Etch-A-Sketch he found in a toy box, doodling random nothings as he occasionally glanced around the room looking for Jill. They had sent each other pictures (and nudes) online, so recognizing one another would likely not be a problem.

As soon as Jill spotted Jack, she ran up to give him a hug. Jack kept his arms at his sides as she embraced him. Jill thought him odd for that yet didn't say anything. "Why are you hanging out all by yourself in the corner?" Jill asked. "I just get nervous in public, I'm always scared I'll say or do something stupid. I have a few close friends and that's it." Jack answered with a demeanor that confirmed his words. His body maintained a constantly worried shape and his eyes seemed to hyperfocus on the body language of others, as if desperate for cues to let him know what others' might be thinking. Jill nodded her head as he continued to speak, just scanning him and processing. "Do you want to see the picture I made?" Jack asked as he turned the Etch-A-Sketch towards her, displaying an abstract doodle. Jill looked at it confusingly for a couple seconds then questioned, "Um... what is it?" "Haven't you ever seen those ink blots that psychologists give? That's what this is only it's an Etch-A-Sketch version. The picture can be whatever your mind wants it to be!" Jack explained. Jill laughed with intrigue, then counterly posed, "Okay, so what do you see when you look at this doodle?" Jack smiled, gave a quick chuckle, then responded, "I see boobies." Jill mirrored Jack's devious smile, then reciprocated, "Hmmm, well you know what I see? I see a penis!" They both laughed bountifully for a while until their humors symmetrically died down to a short moment of silence.

"So what do you do at home when you're done with your work, like do you have hobbies or anything?" Jill questioned, wanting to understand this weirdo. "I like to draw." Jack plainly answered. "Oh, draw just ink blots or other stuff too?" Jill probed. "No, I like to draw happy stuff. Like everyone holding hands and being happy, you know, smiley faces and all that." Jack described. Jill glanced at him oddly then slowly responded, "...Hmmm, interesting." "I'm sorry, am I being awkward? I'm sorry if I'm awkward." Jack mumbled out. "No no no, you're different for sure, but that's not a bad thing." Jill comfortingly assured. "It's just that I wish everyone could be accepting of everyone else, even if they're different, that's why I like to draw happy stuff. I don't like how the world has to be so divided and how people can be so cruel to each other." Jack explained. "Well I'll be accepting of you!" Jill exclaimed with a smile. Jack bellowed a laugh and expressed a beaming smile. "So... can I be one of your few close friends and we can hang out again?" Jill cautiously questioned. "Your parents would be okay with that?" Jack asked. "Ya, I'll just tell them we're study buddies." Jill assured. "Cool, ya, we should definitely hang out again soon!" Jack confirmed.

And so it was, a few days passed by and Jill showed up at Jack's pad. There they sat together in his room, pretending to study as their sexual tension grew. "Hey I want to ask you a question but I'm nervous. I'm not sure how to say it or if it's inappropriate to say." Jack tip toed. "What? Just ask me. It's okay." Jill assured. "Um, can I see what your boobs feel like now?" Jack revealed. Jill laughed then granted him access. Jack shakily placed his hands over her dress and felt them up with no remorse, then he placed his hands under her shirt and bra to get a less concealed understanding. "Woa, this is fun." Jack growled.

"Is it my turn now?" Jill giggled. "It's not against your religion?" Jack asked. Jill paused briefly to collect her thoughts then explained, "I've thought about it a lot and decided I don't care anymore. I don't think there's anything wrong with sex, and if there is then hopefully God will forgive me." Whether it was a rationalization she'd later feel guilty for or a genuine rebellion she'd hold true to, she hadn't given it enough thought to know for sure. In the present, however, her hands had gravitated to the burgeoning bulge in Jack's pants, and now there was no turning back. She then unzipped his pants to see his masculinity uncovered. Jack panted as Jill caressed his penis, and he continued to fondle her boobs. "Do they feel like you expected them to?" Jill asked. "They feel magical." Jack mystically whispered. "And what about my penis, is it how you thought it'd be?" Jack wondered. "It really does get hard as a rock." Jill wittily replied.

"Where do we go from here?" Jack asked. "Do you wanna have sex?" Jill shyly whispered. "Only if you really want to." Jack considerately answered. "...I think if we do have sex, we'll fit just perfect." Jill somewhat delusionally admitted. "What makes you so sure of that?" Jack wondered aloud. "Because we're so perfect for each other so we just have to!" Jill spoke, growing out of a whisper. Jack then laid his mouth upon hers and started removing her pants and panties. Her nakedness was revealed and Jack's penis trembled with angst and excitement.

"But I don't have a condom." Jack fretted. "I don't want a condom for my first time anyway, I want to feel all of you... I want it to feel natural." Jill admitted. Jack smiled then slowly tried to slide his penis inside. It was a struggle, but her wetness helped out. Only a few strokes went by and she bled, but just a bit. She gave out whimpering moans, a mixture of nagging discomfort and pangs of pleasure. Jack squeezed her boobs the entire time he stroked inside her. In due time, he felt on the verge of orgasm. Right as he reached the reflexive point, he pulled out and, careful not to do anything to offend her, tried to aim his ejaculation on the bed sheets rather than her body.

They both stayed silent for a moment, to catch their breath and reflect on what just happened. "I can't believe we did that." Jill nervously stated. "Me neither." Jack agreed with similar emotion. "Did you have fun?" He added after a moment's thought. "Ya, that was fun." Jill satisfyingly smiled. They then decided to make one more thread together on the very forum that treated them both like shit yet connected them together:

Title: We know what sex feels like
welike6969: ;-)

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