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Necrosexual And Somnosexual

Jamie Stroud

"Why should we hire you?" She asked. "Because I'm a hard worker and I'm reliable. I'll be at work on time, I'll do my job efficiently, and I'll get it done quick." I made direct eye contact and told her exactly what she wanted to hear. "And why do you want to work here?" That was the last question she asked at the interview, to which I replied, "It's just that, well... my father died when I was a little kid and I was very close to him. I wished there was some way I could have helped save him, but his death was inevitable and there was nothing I could have done. So I at least wished my family could have given him a proper burial, but we just couldn't afford it. Instead, we just drove him up to the mountains and buried him there. I guess becoming a morticion is my way of giving these dead people a peaceful burial... something my father never got." All of that was an utter lie. I had other motives for wanting to get hired there. I got a call the next day letting me know I got the job. So I soon started work and it was just as I had hoped, I was left alone with a lot of freshly deceased bodies. Of course I didn't have interest in all of the bodies I came across, but there was an occasional girl that I liked to play with before working on. Is it even considered sex if it's with a human that's not conscious? Sex is supposed to be a simultaneous experience between living beings. Some sort of connection is supposed to be there. What sort of connection can be made with a dead body? Perhaps it's glorified masturbation in its ultimate form. You may not have a partner capable of voluntary acts, but at the same time it's more free of social and personal boundaries. I can lay on top of a cute dead girl and do to her whatever I want! No preconceptions, no performance pressures, no awkwardness, no judgement, and it's much more exciting than just my hand.

I like to contort the girls into all sorts of different positions when I'm doing them. Bodies seem to become more flexible when they're dead. I'll put their legs over their head, or I'll straddle them to the side, or I'll contort their back as I penetrate from behind. Those are just a few examples. I like to splooge all over their dead bodies and smear the semen around. I also like to play games with them. I would get 2 or more bodies and I would have orgies with them. The orgies weren't very interactive, but they were highly arousing nonetheless. My desire for unconscious women grew. I would go to clubs, drug up some cute girl, and once she passed out I would drive her to my house. I'd then have my way with her and, afterward, I'd drop her off in the front lawn of her house. She'd wake up just thinking she drank too much, having no idea of the things I did to her. This took more effort than just having my way with a dead girl, but in a ways it's more exciting. It feels more real, more intense, I can feel the girl's heart beat as I hold her, I can hear her breathing. Those are qualities you don't get with a dead girl. On the other hand, I can usually bend a dead body around a bit better than some drugged up girl from a club. I feel much more alive with a girl who's unconscious, sex feels much more free!

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