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Jujispin: AKA Juji's Massive Underage Dick Flies Out Of His Boxers!

Jamie Stroud (text) and Jujimufu (picture)

After hundreds of hours spent in the editing room, I came upon a hidden treasure. A treasure hidden so deep, not even Juji noticed it himself, for it was buried within the depths of my heart... and it had become caved inside the engorgment of my uber phallus.

There were many nonbelievers at first. Swartz is a great example of a nonbeliever. He just couldn't accept that maybe we've finally stumbled upon the greatest sight that humanity has to offer. He originally waved it off as being his underwear worn under his shorts and the dark spot above it as a shadow. I told him he was just believing what he wanted to believe by believing it's his underwear and a shadow. He countered by saying I was just believing what I wanted to believe by believing it was his massive underage dick! And so, like 2 religious fag shuns of opposing views, Swartz and I simply couldn't agree. There was no meeting in the middle, no accepting one another's differences, one of us had to stand the victor. By posting this on Gloryhood, I won. The moral of the story!? Religious extremists operate by being more extreme than the religious extremists with opposing views. That's a large reason why we've had to endure such unnecessary suffering in this world until my arrival. Fortunately, we'll always have Jujispin to keep us happy when the world brings us down!

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