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Jujimufu's Sex Life

Jamie Stroud

Notes: I posted this in segments on the forum. A comment towards this story is posted at the end.

First we found out that Juji is circumcised, then we found out an approximation of the size of Juji's wiener, now... we still have something left to figure out. What's Jujimufu's sex life like!? I'll tell you what I think Juji's sex life is like and then afterward you can say what you think it's like.

I think Juji had only mild sexual experiences as a child, some playing with his genitals and some exhibitionism and voyeurism amongst his childhood peers. He also overheard his parents having sex but just thought of it as interesting more than anything else. Nothing too significant happened, nothing that left a big impact on his life. It wasn't until middle school when sex started having a significant affect on poor Juji's fragile psychological well being. There was a cute girl, Amanda, in one of his classes and they were fond of each other. It turned out she only lived a few blocks away from Juji, so they'd often go visit each other after school. They had fun riding around the block on Juji's go-ped. When Juji rode, she'd stand behind him with her arms wrapped around his cock hard abs. Whenever Amanda rode, Juji's bulge would press against her lower back, but they never brought that up to each other even though they both noticed it. They didn't talk a whole lot at first. At that age, different genders seemed more like different species, and they both felt shy around each other. Regardless, they still had such strong feelings for each other, and those feelings grew over time. Some might brush it off as puppy love, but even though they were only 12, the feelings they had were just as genuine as what full grown adults feel. They didn't know what to do with those feelings. As they were sitting next to each other in class, that's when it started to happen. Juji accidentally dropped his pencil on the floor, chalk it up to his clumsy personality I suppose. They both reached down for it at the same time, as their hands met each other on the pencil, they peered into each other's eyes and, simultaneously, leaned forward to peck each other on the lips! They then smiled at each other and blushed. That day after school, they wanted to experience more of the magic they had experienced that day in class. Alone together in Amanda's room, they started making out for the first time. They quickly advanced from this as they started taking each other's clothes off. They didn't understand very deeply the significance of what they were doing, and clearly they hadn't put a lot of thought into it, but as soon as their clothes were off, their genitals were conjoined and they were having sex. This became an after school activity almost everyday. However, despite how hot Juji was, and no matter how long he thrusted inside her, Juji always reached orgasm but Amanda never did. This confused Juji, and it would be a few years later before he'd figure out why. Until that time, Juji's heart would soon be shattered, and his psychosexuality would be traumatized. From a distance, he saw Amanda kissing with another cute boy from one of her other classes, and he wanted nothing to do with her after that. He got an erection at that moment. He didn't understand it. Why, of all times, when he's feeling all these powerful and hurtful emotions, does his penis decide to become engorged and erected!? The thing is, he didn't even notice it at first, because he was numbed by his emotions. It wasn't until a random boy pointed at the bulge in his pants and started laughing that Juji noticed. Quickly, it seemed everyone gathered around to point and laugh. Sad, confused, and embarrassed, he ran to the bathroom to be alone and cry. That whole experience stuck with him and played a crucial role for Juji later in his life.

Juji learned the harsh cruelties of love early in life, and for a while after that, he avoided any sexual relationships with girls. It wasn't until the age of 15 when he had his first casual sex experience. Juji was walking with a group of friends after school when a group of older girls drove up in a car. They had recently graduated and were cruising around just looking for some fun. When they saw that group of hot, young, muscle studs with big dicks, they stopped by to say hi. Juji and his friends were invited into the car with the girls and they all paired off and started making out. The girl Juji was making out with, Becky, must have really liked Juji because she invited him over to hang out afterwards. Becky was very self-aware of her sexuality, and Juji learned much about female sexuality from her. She taught him how to stimulate her by hand and then give her oral sex. She told him that most girls have difficulty reaching orgasm from intercourse, if at all. This was fascinating to Juji. At a younger age he just imagined that both genders should be able to easily orgasm from intercourse. He had an idealized view of equality between genders, and such information ruined his view of equal sexual functioning. It didn't seem fair to him.

Juji had only casual sexual relations over the years, he was scared of anything serious. When he turned 18, he changed his hairstyle during this time of his life so that he'd hopefully not be so easily noticed by those that know him. He then took his "freshly finished with puberty" body to a clothed female nude male (CFNM) porn company. He hated how society puts so much shame on showing any physical signs of sexual arousal, he hated how nudity itself could be so shameful too. He thought it's so natural, we're born naked after all. He was aroused by the thought of putting the shame and humiliation of nudity and physical arousal into sexual circumstances. That was triumph over tragedy for him. Though he was picking up popularity quick in CFNM movies, he soon realized that it all seemed more erotic in his fantasies than to be acted out for a movie. The women he worked with likely found him attractive, but they didn't truly feel affection for him. And being told what to do at every moment by the director sort of ruined the experience for him. He was still aroused by CFNM fantasies, but he realized he'd rather play them out with someone that really loves him rather than for a movie with women he barely knows. The pay was good, but he didn't enjoy the work as much as he thought he would, so he changed his hairstyle once again and decided he'd pursue another career.

In college, Juji became study buddies with a cute girl, Cindy. Whenever Cindy came over to study with Juji, they would talk a lot about their lives. Cindy told Juji that she had sex for the first time when she was 21, and the only thing she regretted about it was that she waited so long. She didn't understand it, how we have all these sexual feelings when we're children, but we're told we can't act on those feelings with anyone, and she wondered why we would have these feelings if it's bad to act on them with other people that share the same feelings. You see, Cindy wasn't allowed to have a sexual relationship with anyone until after she graduated high school. Though Juji didn't share the same experience as Cindy, he could at least understand her. Even though Juji wasn't having sex as a child, his sexual expressions felt pretty natural to him, he didn't feel so pressured by his parents, or society, or anyone else to inhibit his sexual feelings. However, he lacked sexual information, as do most people. No one taught him about sexual functioning or about much else to do with sexuality for that matter. He knew his situation was similar to Cindy's in an important way. People are terrified of sexuality. They either want to stop it, or they want to ignore it, in some way they want it hidden. It can't be discussed, it can't be accepted so easily. And from thinking about this, Juji got back to thinking about Amanda, his first love, and how she cheated on him. He knew there was a connection to be made here, he just didn't know how to organize his thoughts and articulate it. He thought about all the rules and boundaries society puts on sexuality, all the sexual ideals, and that maybe they're not true to our nature, or at least not true for everyone. At that moment, Juji realized he was polygamous. He really liked Cindy, just as he did Amanda, but logically he didn't see why their relationship should be exclusive. The more he thought about it, the more he didn't see any reason why you shouldn't have sex with other people if you want to, or why you should feel hurt if your partner has sex with someone else. Sure, he thought of the possibility of a natural predisposition for sexual jealousy, and he also thought about how society can sculpt people from a young age to be sexually jealous. However, he thought maybe he could function in his own life without sexual jealousy and maybe he'd be happier like that. He got back in touch with Amanda and forgave her. Now Juji is good friends with Amanda and Cindy and has sex with both of them amongst occasional others.

10 December 2008:
i only read random parts of your analysis and i can only say one thing: jamie, you need to see a doctor

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