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Jamie Stroud

She told him she wanted him to dress up for her. He thought this was all just an erotic game, to her it was, but she had to show him that this was not something he was supposed to enjoy!

So then they played "Feed The Baby". The guy put on a mandiaper and the girl started squeezing milk from her nipples while the guy tried to catch it in his mouth. The game proved too exciting, for he was a naughty baby and he soiled his mandiaper. Certainly he needed to be punished! "Jerk off in front of me!" She scolded. "No, please don't make me!" He begged. "You don't have a choice. It's your punishment. You've been a bad baby!" She screamed. So the guy started stroking his penis in front of the girl, while tears ran down his face, feeling sorry for himself and the harsh punishment he had to endure.

Then he yelled, "Avalaaaaaaanche!" And out spurted an onslaught of semen from the tip of his Old Man Boner. It sprayed all over the place, just like a sprinkler, squirting from left to right at a moderate pace and then from right to left in a rapid manner.

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