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Jamie Stroud

Notes: When I was living in a homeless shelter, they had these classes that we were required to go to. We were assigned to write a story and read it in front of the class. This is one of the stories I wrote and read. It's unchanged from what was originally written.

This is the story about how Jonathon framed me. I was in Mrs. Camel's writing class and when the teacher left, Jonathon started reading a whole bunch of sexual words and those words made me laugh so loud and there were so many of them but then when the teacher came back in, she said I need composure and all the students thought I was a trouble maker but really my intentions were kind hearted and pure and Jonathon used his deceitful tactics to try to take advantage of me much like Lucifer did with Adam and Eve. But at least Lucifer had the manners to admit to his flaws and pay indemnity for his actions. Jonathon just snatched my dignity and ran away with it like a maniac without ever looking back. And that's the story of how I got framed in writing class and no one ever knew. Because of Jonathon now I'll go down in the history books looking like an evil monster while Jonathon will look like a righteous angel.

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