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Jamie Stroud

Merriam-Webster's 11th Collegiate Dictionary, whoever has the CD-ROM version of this, you probably know how awesome it is because you can hear a word actually spoken so you know how it's pronounced.

Well anyway, as you probably already know, they have a male voice and a female voice. So I was looking up all these sexual words so I could hear a female say it and then I would masturbate as I listened to her, but for all the sexual words it was a male voice! You can only imagine how disappointed I was. Then I searched "happy" and "bliss" as a test and both get a female voice. So I started feeling disappointed that I didn't have any sexual words to masturbate to. Fortunately, after a lot of search and persistent arousal, I finally found one! If you go to the word "nipple", it will be a female who says it.

So for all of you who have shared this same problem as me, now you no longer have to be sexually frustrated anymore. There's a word out there for you, and that word is "nipple"!

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