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Cute Children Or Hot Children? Volume 2

Jamie Stroud

Notes: This is a conversation I had in a video comments section.

jamesters: I don't care if she has a boy body, she's still hot!

krazykittymatt: Ur a freak! This is a child!!!

jamesters: How dare you call her a freak!? Ya, she might be transgender, but you know what, she's still HUMAN! That's more than you could say for yourself with the way you're talking right now!

krazykittymatt: I wasn't calling Her a freak, I was calling you a freak!!! U said she was hot, she's only 7!!! U weirdo!!!

jamesters: You're calling me weird for saying she's hot? So what are you saying then, that she's ugly!? That's just mean! :-(

krazykittymatt: Dude, she's just a little girl! It's not cool to call children hot!!! And no I'm not saying she's ugly, don't try to turn ur lewdness into something kind!!! You shouldn't call a child hot, it's not right and you know it!

jamesters: So it's okay to call adults hot, but it's not okay to call children hot!? Wow, what a strange world we live in.

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