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Cute Children Or Hot Children? Volume 1

Jamie Stroud

Notes: This is a thread I made on the forum.

jamesters: This is the thread where we post pictures of cute children! However, there are some important rules to follow. If you post any pictures for the purpose of eliciting sexual feelings, you'll be banned. Also, if you admit to having sexual feelings for any of the pictures in this thread, you'll be banned. This thread is only for showing off the cuteness of children, not the hotness of children!

Jackamaideshwang: Dude, there was one boy in that "cuteness" thread with alot of little girls with things in their mouths, especially the last picture in the first post, and especially because you emphasised the 'not-sexual' theme quite vigorously. Monitor your thoughts and try not to think of anything sexual, it might help.

jamesters: Don't you know... through years of practice I've developed the ability to only feel sexual feelings when I want and with what I want.


jamesters: Ha, you say that about the dad making out with his child but not about the mom making out with her child. I suppose making out with children is okay for moms but not for dads.

jiayo-chris: You're going to hell.

AndyD11: o dear jamesters, you really are so obscure.

Hez: I feel a compulsive urge to remove all traces of this thread, even though it's probably just about legal. Jamie you make life so difficult for us.

*Sure enough, it was deleted soon after.

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