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Code Brown

Jamie Stroud

Notes: When I was living in a homeless shelter, they had these classes that we were required to go to. We were assigned to write a story and read it in front of the class. This is one of the stories I wrote and read. It's unchanged from what was originally written. In this writing assignment, we were given 12 words and were supposed to include all of those words in the story. I'll list those 12 words:

I was swimming in the deep end of a pool when all of a sudden I had to release my bowel movements. I thought maybe I should get out of the pool and use the bathroom, but I just didn't care anymore. I had been through enough struggles in my life and I realized this was the only way I could redeem myself. I had to break free from all social inhibitions. I've been through so much crud in my life, this time I was going to return the favor and give my crud back to life. I grunted and I moaned and I released all I could in the pool. "Code Brown" the life guards screamed. I could hear the laughter of all the people as they pointed and stared. It brought me pain, it brought me tears, and it brought me joy all at the same time. Just then as I exited the pool, I saw the hottest girl ever, and I attempted to marinate all over her body with my love on several occasions, but she wouldn't let me because she said I had poopies hanging out of me bum, and that's been out of fashion for like a month now.

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