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Jamie Stroud

Some girl told me to "Go F word yourself" and now that's what I intend to do!

Let's do this!

First I've gots to lube my tight virgin A word!

Now I grab my wang...

And stretch it out far!

Really far!

Now I get it ready.

I steady it.

Then I push it!

Position it...

Position it some more...

Now push it!

Uh oh, I lost it!

I needs more lube, that's what my tight virgin A word needs!

That's better!

All right, now I've gots to ready and steady it again.

Now push!

Push harder!

Haha, yes, I've got it in!

I've just got to shove it in deeper now!


There we go!

The end! (That's a pun.)

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