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Social Commentary

Gender Issues

In General

Child Support

Feminism Versus Masculism: The Ultimate Battle!


The Power Of Male Sex Appeal

Man Versus Teen Girl: The Ultimate Battle!

Sex Offending, Pedosexuality, And Child Sexuality


Sexual Deprivation, Sexual Repression

Sexual Frustration, Nervous Disturbance, And Guilt


Child Discipline

Genital Mutilation (FGM, MGM, Circumcision)


In General

The Bible Says Series

Other Issues

In General

Animal Romance Series

Bully Tactics Series

Analyzing Bonobos Series

The Meme Series

Cool Porn Titles

Personality Profiles

Cyber Rapist Profiles

The 6 Sacred Symbols Series

Notes: This series is based on a meme of drawings that include a house, person, snake, sun, tree, and water. Supposedly one's personality can be deduced from what they draw. The first drawing I did of this, I wasn't told about it's purpose.


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